Simple guidance for anyone interested in imroving retail experience through proper product displaying. Visual merchandising makes it easier to attract, engage and motivate customers towards making purchases.

Breaking the rules of coordinated merchandising

Sometimes, just breaking the rules can become the only way to succeed. As Kishore Biyani, CEO of a rapidly evolving retail company of the...

Did you know Andrew Markopoulos ?

It’s never too late to learn. Surprised when discovered by chance Andrew Markopoulos as the late visual merchandising legend…and the prestigious Markopoulos Award, an...

Adidas, Athens

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Henri Rousseau as an inspiration for Spring Windows 2017

At that time i'm just trying to design a window display for the upcoming Spring. Vivid colours and contrast are still a trend that transforms everything, even the...

5 things a creative mind has to fight every new year...

My wish for 2017 to all creative minds -and especially to visual merchandisers-  is to Make friends with fear... ...of work...of chaos...of orderliness...of acceptance/others ...of you. Pause, look at it...feel the fear...