Some life experience that a visual type of person would share

Cathy for Warby Parker sunglasses

Such a long and interesting story is that of Cathy, Visual Director at Warby Parker (a brand for sunglasses), in Garance Dore. Helpfull advices, an awkward carreer path and everyday routine details of a visual director’s business role or even a visual merchandisers job. Working for high brands is not always as imaginary as it seems but at the end it is worth the effort. What we notice throughout this extensive interview :

it would be so cool to work on window displays. Then you do it and there is no magic sauce. It’s just doing it and it’s a lot more work and a lot more time and a lot more thought. Learning is an exciting time and I swear it catches up to you. You just do it and if you don’t know how to do it and there’s no one to tell you how to do it then you just try. Do it and mess it up and don’t be afraid to mess it up. I tell my team that all the time, if you get to a place where you are stuck just try something. I will be much happier with you trying it and making a mistake then being like I’m not going to finish this project because I don’t know how to. Finish it wrong, please.”

and the resume as honest as it is, when reporting to the manager…

“I’d put something in the window, and he’s like what is this. I’d be like it’s the new blah blah blah trail shoe, he’s like, all right how many colors does it come in. It comes in three colors, it’s great … He’s like, ‘what’s the pronation on the shoe?’ 25 percent. He’s like, ‘a shoe with 25 percent and you’re taking the hottest real estate in the store?! What else you got? What’s the price point?’ He really made me take all my creativity, and try this, c’mon kid, gimme some more money with that. He really groomed me to be more business oriented with how I told a story.”

So, if interested read the whole story here !