Basics 2: Shopping experience is a matter of all five senses

Basics 2: Shopping experience is a matter of all five senses

People say that everything in life is a matter of balance. Despite our tendency to process a large amount of visual information in commercial areas (see Basics 1), «visual exaggeration» often brings the opposite of the desired results.

Within the commercial space, the difficult role of balance tend to assume all other four senses, as the purchasing process should be seen as an inclusive and therefore compelling experience. In an ideal condition these are allocated as follows: 51% vision, 26% hearing, 18% touch, 3% and 2% for smell and taste.

Thus, potential customers will primarily observe, but at the same time they should hear (the proper music), they should touch and feel (the product) they should smell (suitable scents) and when it is possible they should taste (proper tastes). So do not let your commercial area without fragrance and without music … at the appropriate notes and quantities … and additionally do not block access to the touch of your products … 

Visual Merchandising – Make It A Feast For The Senses, By Jim Dion

Revitalizing Visual Merchandising. Restoring balance to the retail environment entails engaging all five senses, By Matthew L. Tullman & K. Rose Clark, Ph.D.