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How easy or difficult is to summarize in just a small piece of paper who you are and what you do more & more

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Revisiting «silent selling»

reading again "silent selling" by judy bell-kate ternus

I’m reading again but with pleasure silent selling (is there really a smarter title?), remembering the first time i had to read it more & more

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Did you know Andrew Markopoulos ?

It’s never too late to learn. Surprised when discovered by chance Andrew Markopoulos as the late visual merchandising legend…and the prestigious Markopoulos Award, an honor to the man. more & more

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Let us introduce ourselves

about-let us introduce ourselvesLet us introduce ourselves:

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«…technology is gaining an ever tighter grip on the way we shop…»

technology-in-visual merchandising

Favela, Athens


«…technology is gaining an ever tighter grip on the way we shop and sadly in a lot of cases to the detriment of “old school” presentation techniques.» (www.retailstorewindows.com)          


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