Stella Jean about symbols, stories and worlds

«…fashion can be a cultural translator, re-establishing one’s perception of symbols, stories and worlds through style.» 

Stella Jean via

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The design element of top brands

«The design element of top brands is about contemplation and understanding. These are both attributes that art embodies and if used correctly can communicate brand values seamlessly.» by Garen Moreno

See Barneys aims for foot traffic with Deste window display (2012), by Tricia Carr, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York

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About personal branding

tumblr_ninf1lPjRB1u92sb3o1_540katerina stasinou final card

How easy or difficult is to summarize in just a small piece of paper who you are and what you do more & more

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Revisiting «silent selling»

reading again "silent selling" by judy bell-kate ternus

I’m reading again but with pleasure silent selling (is there really a smarter title?), remembering the first time i had to read it more & more

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Did you know Andrew Markopoulos ?

It’s never too late to learn. Surprised when discovered by chance Andrew Markopoulos as the late visual merchandising legend…and the prestigious Markopoulos Award, an honor to the man. more & more

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