10 things about human nature that affect merchandise presentations


We all suppose that human nature affects merchandise presentations. It is self-evident. But how many times do we really walk the walk? Find some general but really useful aspects of our nature that we should rarely dismiss when coordinating merchandise presentations:

1. We as human beings use all our five senses. Make it a sensory positive inspiring memorable shoping experience.

2. We as human beings first see, then hear, smell etc, so eye-level product placement is always preferential.

3. We then touch, feel etc, so the same applies tο hand level product placement.

4. We don’t like noise, so be carefull about the music you choose in store. Additionally ensure that it is in line with your brand, product mix, atmosphere etc.

5. Eye movement is easier from left to right. That means we use by nature an inner visual guidelines that translates to all areas.

6. In front of a visual presentation our eyes frequently need to rest. Leave a small empty space in it for exactly that reason.

7. Our eyes focus right above the exact center of an image. That point is called optical center. Place there your message.

8. Our body tends to right when starting a move. Think about it when you plan the floor layout or your customers’ route through the store.

9. We need sufficient space to move, so avoid narrow aisles. Leave at least 1m.

10. We are all human but we all come from different cultural backgrounds. Be aware of cultural differences.