Some life experience that a visual type of person would share

Cathy for Warby Parker sunglasses

Such a long and interesting story is that of Cathy, Visual Director at Warby Parker (a brand for sunglasses), in Garance Dore. Helpfull advices, an awkward carreer path and everyday routine details of a visual director’s business role or even a visual merchandisers job. Working for high brands is not always as imaginary as it seems but at the end it is worth the effort. What we notice throughout this extensive interview : more & more

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Marie Beltrami – Paris Fashion Week F/W 16-17


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Happy New Year – 2016

Happy New Year - 2016

Be kind to yourself is the quote used by KK’s lab perfume shop, Athens, instore. This one was significant enough for me to remember it from a week ago short visit in that beautiful store. So i “d like to welcome 2016 with that phrase.

Be kind to yourself. I wish you all a Happy New Year.

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When being sidetracked by visual merchandising

When being sidetracked by visual merchandising - Selfridges Fall 2015

It is so beautiful when seeing people enjoying visual merchandising. more & more

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Zandra Rhodes about artistic insecurity

«As an artist you always hope that people want your job…because if they don’t, you may have deceived yourself.»

Gynaika Magazine, 16.10.2015

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