Nespresso Summer 2017. Hommage to David Hockney


I didn’t realise it at first, but soon after passing by the Nespresso window display an immediate thought came into my mind. Is it only my impression that this window honours in some way the great British painter David Hockney? It seems to me that there is a direct connection with Hockney’s paintings, when looking at the colours and of course at the pool..There is always a pool…

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Not a gorilla in the room but a gorilla out of chocolate – Fresh patisserie, Athens


Some people say that great visual merchandising should stand out (especially) to drivers while driving, not only to pedestrians while shoping around. That was my thought when the gorilla inside the Fresh store of Psichiko caught my eyes while driving (!) many many days before and even from a long distance. more & more

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The art of displaying in Spritmuseum

beer exhibition at spritmuseum-swedenbeer exhibition at spritmuseum-sweden

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Weinhandlung Kreis, Stuttgart

wine store-stuttgart-visual merchandisingwine store-stuttgart-visual merchandisingphotos via

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visual merchandising…στο φόντο: Chanel Fall/Winter 2014

visual merchandising στο φόντο-chanel fall/winter 2014

visual merchandising στο φόντο-chanel fall/winter 2014

Δείτε εδώ και εδώ τα slideshows από μια πολύ εμπνευσμένη φωτογράφιση για τον οίκο Chanel…στο εσωτερικό ενός σουπερμάρκετ…Εμείς την προτείνουμε όχι για τα ρούχα, αλλά για το «εικαστικό» visual merchandisng στο φόντο…

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